Types of Tiles and Their Challenges

There are drawbacks of everything on the planet. Some people keep in search for the perfect thing but that is nothing but just a concept. Drawbacks can be managed and it is a challenge to make it into practice for managing those drawbacks on daily basis. Even the simplest thing like maintaining a home has some huge challenges but at the end of the day, everything comes together. If you want a home with extravagant looks then we suggest that you add tiles in your home and get best Dubai price tiles.

Every part of your home can be tiled and even get kitchen tiles in Dubai. If you go out looking for tiles, you will find at least two or three tile shops in a single block. Selecting tiles can be difficult when there is so much variety in the market. We have discussed some tiles and there are some challenges of these tiles that you have to manage to choose wisely.

Wood Look Tiles: these are becoming very popular tiles now a days and they make the room look wider and bigger. Also, it gives a very vintage look and these are now being used in luxury hotels. These are made from porcelain and usually ceramic. The challenge of these tiles is that they are very expensive and they get cold very fast.

Travertine Tiles: these are the types of tiles that are usually found in bathrooms and kitchens and they look like limestones and they give a very luxurious look of the space. These are also called travertine limestone and this is the only way to identify them and the challenge is they are very heavy, they need a lot of maintenance, if you don’t use underflooring then they can be very cold and they are very expensive.

Slate Tile: it can be used to install in indoors and outdoors as well. These tiles have different layers and they come in different colors but mostly green and blue. The challenge of this tile is that it is very delicate and if something heavy is dropped on the floor, it will split or crack and if you want to install it, make sure that you install in it on surface that has mortar on it or any solid surface.

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