Like any kind of process you go for, there would always be drawbacks because nothing is perfect. So, there are some drawbacks of 3d printing as well that should be taken into consideration when you are choosing this process.

The drawbacks of 3d printing Dubai are as follows.

Restriction of materials: 3d printing can be done by using plastics as well as metals but the accessible choice of raw materials is not complete. This is because that not all the plastics and metals could be regulated by the temperature sufficiently to permit 3d printing. Furthermore, most of the materials that are printed are not recyclable.

Volumes: 3d printing is however is a fixed cost process when compared to the traditional methods such as moulding of injection in which huge volumes might be more economical to manufacture. The startup costs for 3d printing is lower if we compare it to the costs of other techniques of production.

Structure: In 3d printing, the parts that are manufactured are manufactured surface by surface. These surfaces stick to each other but this could also mean that these surfaces could delaminate when they are put under particular stresses or arrangements. This problem is noticeable when the items by making use of combined removal modelling are manufactured.

Inaccuracies: One major issue with the process of 3d printing is associated with the kind of machines and also the kind of process that is used in which few printers might have minimized tolerances. This would mean that the finishing parts would be different from the actual design. Although, this could issue could be settled in process done after the actual processes. However, you should keep one thing in mind and that is these after processes would of course increase the time as well as the cost of manufacturing.

What is fiberglass moulding?

Fiberglass moulding is basically a procedure in which the strengthened resin malleable of fiberglass ae created in shapes that are useful.

How can fiberglass moulding be utilized?

The fiberglass moulding could be utilized for.

  • Storage tanks made from fiberglass
  • Boat construction from fiberglass
  • Pipes made from fiberglass
  • Doors made from fiberglass

So, if you want to have fiberglass moulding for these purposes mentioned above, you should find a good fiberglass moulding company that will give you good services.

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