Look your best with these tips

The beauticians share their advice on how you can look the most seductive with the most romantic day of the year almost upon us! When it comes to our face, all of us want it to be shiny, beautiful and glowing, so how do we get it?

In addition to using active ingredient ingredients such as Vitamin C for brightening and AHA or Glycolic for exfoliating, don’t forget your lifestyle, stress levels, sleep habits, and diet all have a huge effect on your skin’s glow and purity.

A decent night cream and a safe day moisturizer will seriously hydrate and recover dehydrated skin and it is also strongly advisable to have a weekly mask suited to your skin type.

Typically, dull skin is due to the fact that we have dead skin cells layered on top, and by exfoliating with an AHA or a light soft rinse, they need to be removed. The Eminence strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant rice powder or Guinto green tea Gamage biologique are brilliant exfoliators.

Be cautious in selecting your exfoliator because larger micro beads will offer tiny tears in thin sensitive delicate skin in certain scrubs, so always ask your skincare expert to choose the right one for you!

Bad circulation is another cause for dry skin, so our collagen boost facial massage is a perfect choice for boosting blood circulation! Typically, dry skin is due to injury, and not always a lack of moisture. The sun causes the main harm and that is why wearing an SPF 365 days a year is so necessary.

If you have dry skin, it is also necessary to avoid such items such as those that contain alcohol, as well as saunas and steam rooms, as they can make it worse!

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Remember, your beauty is internal and these tips are just to boost your glamor.

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