How to start a lingerie business

With the revolution in the lingerie business, starting your own set up of selling lingerie or night dresses in Dubai could be the right move for you. If you are equipped with the right tools to start it, this business area can help you make a decent income. A plus point with starting a lingerie business is that you can decide to work from home or work from a store. Read the following ways to start your own lingerie business easily:


Determine how much capital you need to start your business and the best possible way to do that is to come up with a good business plan. The plan outlines how much money to be contributed towards which part of your business that will bring profitable outcomes.

If you plan to open an online store, determine how much you will need to create and launch your online website. Similarly, planning on opening up a physical store would add on the rent, the need for an assistant, the utility bills and so on.

With all these costs if you feel that you cannot raise the money on your own, consider getting a bank loan.

Apply for a permit

You will be required to get your sales tax permit from the relevant authorities. Select a sexy and appealing business name to entice customers, when you go to register your business.

Products that you will sell

Decide upon the kind of products you wish to sell. You need to have a target clientele in mind; selling your lingerie items or underwear online to older women, younger ones, nursing moms etc. After selecting your clientele, you now invest in products that will be of interest to them.

Find a location

If not an online store, your physical store needs to be located somewhere. Targeting high end clientele would require you to have your shop in a high end street or shopping mall and the other way round for average income buyers.

Have the necessary skills

After you have bought your lingerie and have a store, making your clients feel comfortable when they walk in to your shop is essential. You should be knowledgeable and ready to give suggestions when required.

Similar to any other business, do your homework and learn about the basics before starting a lingerie business online or offline.

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