How to Protect Your Belongings in Self-Storage Units

Security is a must. Keeping your items safe from theft and damage requires a joint effort between you and the storage facility. You can do your part by buying the best lock you can afford. Make sure you lock your self storage unit before storing your belongings. Infrared monitoring is also a must. It’s a good idea to check the lock’s cylinder, too.

Electronic door locks:

Disc locks and other electronic door locks are the two best ways to secure your belongings in a self-storage unit. Disc locks are a common choice because they offer excellent protection and withstand hammer and bolt cutters. Disc locks are also made from heavy-duty stainless steel and feature anti-pick pins to make picking them difficult. Disc locks are very difficult to pick and require time and electrical equipment.

Infrared monitoring:

Using infrared monitoring to protect belongings in a self-storage unit can help ensure their safety. This technology helps prevent theft or vandalism by detecting any movement that might indicate a break-in or a fire. These systems can be installed easily and are affordable to run and replace. They can be installed in any self-storage unit, including climate-controlled ones.

Water damage prevention:

Preventing water damage in self-storage units is essential to keeping your belongings safe. Even a small amount of water can lead to massive problems. In areas with frequent flooding, water can get into storage units. Here are some steps to keep your items dry and prevent damage to your belongings. If you rent a self-storage unit, you should also take these precautions:

Keep valuable items on the highest shelf:

Keep valuable items on the highest shelf. Stack items of equal or lesser value. This will prevent condensation that may damage boxes. Also, keep your furniture and other sensitive items off the floor. If your items are too heavy to move, invest in a sturdy wooden pallet to elevate them off the floor. Ensure at least two to six inches of space between the floor and any sensitive items. If you rent a self-storage unit, ask the facility to use a suitable lock for your belongings. With the help of these useful tips, you can protect your valuable belongings from theft and damage.

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