How to Maintain a Car Battery

If you want to start a business that becomes successful within some months then we suggest that you start the business of car maintenance or a business of car battery replacement in UAE. People spend thousands of dollars of buying a car and they have to spend hundreds of dollars in the coming years when it comes to car maintenance. This is because if you save these hundreds, you will be losing the worth of the car that is worth more than that. We have seen some car garages and car workshops who invested a small amount of money and within a year or less, they are making millions.

If you want your car to remain in the best condition then don’t look for cheap car battery price in Dubai. if you spend money on buying the best car battery then you will be saving a lot of money of maximum number of car services and maintenance. But sooner or later or you can say after some years, you will need to change the car battery and every now and then you have to maintain the car battery to keep up with its longevity. Here, you will know about different ways of maintaining a car battery.

Cleaning the Battery Terminals: the first thing you have to do is clean the terminals of the car battery. These are the two main things that produce the spark that is needed to start the engine. To clean it, get baking soda and water in two equal parts, mix it, take a toothbrush, and apply the mixed paste on these terminals, brush it and wash them.

Change Battery Water: to create an electric spark, water is needed and that is added in the battery. If the battery has no water, the battery will die and it will weaken the engine as well. The old water becomes acidic and that reduces the life of a car battery.

Coat Terminals with Spray to Prevent Corrosion: you will be surprised to know that there are now sprays that are used to prevent corrosion and terminals are the most exposed things that can develop corrosion.

Tighten the Nuts and Bolts: get a screw driver and tighten the nuts and bolts to extreme – it will help in fast ignition as well.

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