How to keep your tiles clean

Tiles will be mostly used on the kitchen walls and people will have to keep them clean as if they do not clean on regular basis then they tiles will get all the oil splashes and fumes on them and with time they will stick to that and give a very dirty look of your kitchen. If you want to have a good look of your kitchen then you have to first go to the porcelain tiles supplier in Dubai and get the tiles that will be good for your kitchen according to the climate of your area and then you also need to ask from them about the cleaning suggestions so your tiles will look good for longer period of time. You need to visit our website to know more about it or you have to see this below:


When you want to clean your tiles then you have to make sure that the cleaner is not too harsh on them and you can easily take it off from your tiles with the help of damp cloth because you cannot wash your kitchen tiles every week while when it comes to the tiles of your bathroom walls then you can easily wash them every now and then and keep them clean and safe from the water splashes and fumes of hot water. When you are not in a position to use expensive cleaners then you can easily use vinegar and water as your cleaner, you just have to add vinegar to the water and then you have to mix and apply that on the tiles of your walls and then leave them for few minutes and then you have to wipe them off with damp cloth and it should have some abrasive surface for better cleaning.


Over the period of time when you will use your kitchen tiles too much and clean them lesser then required then they will lose their shine as well because of the layer of dirt on them. You have to clean your tiles carefully with a good cleaner and then you have to leave it for few hours and then you have to use a good quality shiner on them as it will help your tiles to shine for a longer period of time. Ask about the best shiner from tiles provider.

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