Facts about volley ball

Volleyball is an outdoor sport. However the history of the game tells us differently because originally the game was designed as an indoor sport for people who thought that the basketball is very rough for them to play. In the recent times, the game of volleyball can be played indoors as well as outdoors and both the environments equally maintain the fun of the game. Volleyball is a game that has two teams. Each of the two teams have usually around six players.

This game requires very little equipment. It only requires a ball and a net and of course a few people to play it. In this game, the players use their hands to hit the ball and hurl it towards the team with whom they are playing against. The target of the game is to make the ball touch the ground on the side of the opponent team. The players from the opponent team tries to save the ball from touching the ground and make the ball go back to the other team’s side.

The players in the same team can pass the ball to each other in order to save it from falling. However, the players of each team are only allowed to touch the ball three times. After that, the ball must be returned to the other team. The rule of the game is that the ball should always be thrown to the other side in a way that the ball hurls from above the net. The ball should not get in contact with the net that is separating the playing field of the two teams.

 Volleyball is a sport that is enjoyed equally by every age group of human life. There is also volleyball for kids. Volleyball is very popular amongst the kids. Almost all the schools in the world have a volleyball team mandatory for the kids. It is a great physical activity for the school going children. It keeps the children active while being a great way for them to have fun. Schools make sure that they arrange regular games of volleyball so that the kids can learn more and more and get better at it. The kids are then made to play proper matches before they prepare for big tournaments. Teen volleyball girls is also given a lot of importance.

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