Facts About Schools

Kids have been full of joy this whole year since the schools have been cancelled and whenever the schools open, they tend to get closed again and this makes some children overjoyed. But the kids who study in best school in Qatar, they miss their school because there are some genius kids who don’t want to sit idle at home.

But the kids should know that someday, a cure will be found for the virus and soon the virus will slow down and will be like any other flu and they will be back in the best school in Qatar. If you still don’t want to go back then read some of our facts and we are sure you will become nostalgic and want to go back.

  1. There is a long-lost tradition of giving an apple to your teacher. And you will be shocked to know that this tradition was started from Denmark from the 16th century and this was the time when the teachers did not have much salary and wages and that is why parents sent an apple for the teacher. This is such a caring and thoughtful act.
  2. Kids study hard to make sure that they pass with their friends and when one friend is left behind in the previous class, it seems very sad and a stat showed that 1 out of every 10 kids, aged from 6 to 11 repeat a grade.
  3. Kids hate changing schools as they hate to leave their old friends and it takes time for them to make the new one and a stat showed that kids aged from 6 to 17 change their school at least two times.
  4. When kids are growing, it is best that they go to the school gym and participate in different kinds of sports and the most famous sport among students is baseball and basketball and that is why almost all schools have gyms inside of the building.
  5. Did you know why high schools were made? Well, they were made so that kids got busy in studies because during the Great Depression, public schools had classes only up to 8th grade and that is why there were many unemployed men. So, colleges and universities were formed so they got distracted.

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